My Laptop Keeps Freezing – How I Stopped It!

March 22nd, 2011 Comments off

I’ve had my laptop for several years now. It really has served me well. However, recently it has slowed down and my laptop keeps freezing! (click here to see how I solved it) I wanted to call someone to find out why does my computer keep freezing and fix it for me like I used to do when I was working for a large corporation, but I didn’t have that option anymore. For awhile I fixed it by manually getting the PC unfrozen using the Windows Task Manager that can be accessed by holding down the Control key, the Alt key, and the Delete key all together.  After the Task Manager Window appeared, it took several reiterations of highlighting the non-responding program and clicking on the end task button. I found that the best thing to do after performing this computer troubleshooting technique was to shut the laptop down completely and reboot it. This procedure usually resulted in the most extended time of good PC performance before the computer problem repeated itself.

Well, I finally became tired of these computer screen freezes and of having to take the time to fix them manually. I had heard that software programs called registry cleaners could speed up older computers and could even stop the ‘laptop keeps freezing’ problem. I started to research online and found that one of the Registry Cleaners that was most highly recommended for computer troubleshooting was Registry Easy. (Click here to see it.) I downloaded a free trial copy of the Registry Easy program and clicked on the Scan Now button. It took three minutes and seven seconds to scan my computer and found 1138 problem entries. After I registered the software and clicked on the button to fix the problems, the software took less than a minute to make the laptop repair. I started using the computer, and I could immediately tell that it was performing tasks faster than it had for some time. I used it for the rest of that day and shut it down for the night. I was really pleased so far with the way my PC was running.

The next day I booted the laptop up again and noticed that although it was booting up a little faster than it had previous to using the registry cleaner software, it still was booting slower than it had when it was new. I guess I can’t expect the software to cure all of the problems that had been building up in my laptop over the last four years. (The booting problem is probably being aggravated by the large number of  shortcut icons that I have placed on my desktop.) However, once the laptop was booted up it performed wonderfully and has continued this great perfromance to the present. I will definitely run the Registry Easy software periodically to keep my computer from ever regressing to the deplorable ‘laptop keeps freezing’ condition it was in. To this day I have not had the screen freeze up on me again. I am delighted to be rid of this computer problem! (Click here to see Registry Easy.)